May’s Move of the Month: Planking Push-up

This month, Coach Aya Yai is taking planks to a new level!

Planking push-ups are a full-body exercise that you can do anywhere with no equipment.  That means you can do these on the track, at home, in the park, on the subway*, in your bedroom or anywhere you can find a flat surface!!  That also means there are no excuses for skipping this awesome move.

When doing planking push-ups it’s important to move through the exercise slowly and with control.  Make sure you’re keeping your body in a straight line to engage those vital core muscles.  Don’t let your hips dip down or tilt up!

Having a strong core is important for roller derby because we need to be able to hit hard and keep skating.  Without a solid core, it’s hard to get enough force to knock people over!  It also makes it a lot easier to counter a hit from another equally strong skater.

We want to see your best planking push-ups!!  Show us your moves on Instagram.  Post your photos with #gettingSRDstrong and mention @suburbiarollerderby!

*Suburbia Roller Derby does not recommend touching the floor of the subway. Please use caution when doing plank push-ups in filthy places.