Happy 2017 From Suburbia Roller Derby!

2017 is here and so is Suburbia Roller Derby’s tenth anniversary! There will be some great events to share with you all year long, so make sure you’re checking out our Facebook page for updates! We’ve got a big, enthusiastic fresh meat class coming up this year that we can’t wait to show off and that you won’t want to miss.

More than anything, we hope to keep getting stronger: as people, as an organization, and as a community of derby lovers. We hope you’ll join us!

A new year also means New Year’s resolutions. Here are some of ours:

  • Queen Elizadeath II is starting her year out on a high note because her resolution “is to be included in the blog post about New Year’s resolutions.”
  • Our coach, Harm’s Way, wants to take us all on a trip!  His resolution for 2017 is “to help SRD get to Sweden!”
  • Smashing Pumpkin, channeling Ferris Bueller, says: “My resolution is to stop and look around every once in awhile because ‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.’ a.k.a. less work and more play makes Pumpkin less grumpkin.”
  • Skywalker wants to “learn new sports! So far I’m doing Jiu Jitsu, skateboarding, soccer and rugby!”
  • Aya Yai has a big year planned: “My resolution is to take the jammer panty more often, eat better & train more diligently so I can play harder.”
  • Gemma Vendetta, whose knee injury has kept her off the track for a while, says: “My resolution is more about body image: to be more confident and comfortable in my own skin because life is very short to worry about stupid stuff like body image. And to also heal up quickly so I can get back on the track!”
  • Bottoms up, Chase Danger! Her goal this year include “stay hydrated.”
  • Partygirl Accelerator’s resolution is to “get stronger, faster and smarter so I can jam!”
  • Apollo Speed, one of our awesome officials, is hoping to fill the bleachers by “bringing in more fans from other areas of my life.”
  • Another one of our officials, Maniacal Mzungu, wants to “be able to actually get to the spot on the track I’m supposed to be at.”
  • Aldana Mite’s goals include “getting stronger and exercising more outside of derby to get there faster.”
  • Our January 2017 Skater of the Month, Just Jacqui, wants to “to let derby take over my life, don’t resist it.”
  • Wil Crusher, part of our Fresh Meat class, wants to skate 27 laps in 5 minutes.

Some more goals from our Fresh Meat class include:

  • Scar Wilde’s resolution to “get myself patched up so I can handle longer endurance training and master the rest of basic skills so I can finally move on to contact.”
  • Vexual NaPalm is learning everything she can about nutrition so she can “put better fuel in her body for derby.”
  • Jaclyn Hyde’s focused on that very important derby mantra to “GET LOWER!!”
  • And Judy Boom’s goal to “figure out what to do with my hands when I’m derby-ing.”

Finally, let’s end with Ramma Jamma’s beautiful vision: “What I have for 2017 is a wish. Not just for me but for everyone. That 2017 brings us all everything we need, want, and deserve.”

What more can we say? Wishing you all a Happy New Year from Suburbia!!