Suburban Brawl Falls to CT RollerGirls All-Stars

Todd Moore

Suburban Brawl welcomed the Connecticut RollerGirls’ All-Stars in the first bout of the 10th anniversary season.

CTRG took the lead early and held it through the first half, ending with a 130 point lead. Brawl started the second half strong, taking lead jammer several times and chipping away at the point difference, but CTRG won the night, with a final score of 273 to 66.

CTRG’s MVPs were Puke Skywalker #30 (blocker) and C. Mya Rage #86 (jammer).
Brawl’s MVPs were Smashing Pumpkin #1979 (blocker) and Mia Morales #2718 (jammer).

Next up for Suburbia is April 29’s away game doubleheader against Mass Attack Roller Derby in southeastern Massachusetts. Brawl and the Backyard Bullies will be taking on MARD’s All Stars and the Bloody Bordens. More information here.