Happy Holidays from SRD!

Thus brings the end of the 2016 seasons!

We’ve had great bouts, awesome events and some sweet derby bruises to show off. This year we’ve experienced a lot of changes – both on and off the track. Throughout the season we’ve all come to realize that roller derby is not just a sport where ladies meet up to hit the crap off each other…although it is a huge bonus! SRD has been a second home and a safe haven for those having a crappy day. It’s a place where we befriend someone who we would’ve never spoken to out in the “real world” but hey if you play derby, you have to be pretty badass so let’s be friends. Derby is a sisterhood for the everyday woman who is not only bold, but secretly wishes she can hip check people at work (because she knows how!).

We are so excited to start 2017 with a huge group of new skaters who are eager to get on the track and show everyone what they’re made of. And we can’t wait to show you what we have in store!

From all of us here at SRD, have a safe a happy holiday!