All Dogs Go to… the Vet

Photo by Liz Beeson (@lizbson on Instagram)

On June 15, a group of league members left the cozy confines of Westchester to spend the day down at Graffiti Church on the Lower East Side of NYC. Our own Stabatha Christie, a vet tech in her non-derby life, invited us to participate in a street clinic for homeless individuals and families and their pets. Sponsored by My Dog Is My Home, the Street Dog Coalition, and several other terrific organizations, the clinic offered free vet care for the furry companions of New York’s homeless population. Dog Guy Foundation provided grooming services. Planned Parenthood’s Project Street Beat rolled up a mobile health van, so the humans weren’t left out!

Photo by Stephanie Augello

While the clinic was being set up, SRD teamed up with a few other volunteers to make lunches. Alongside Graffiti Church members, we passed them out in and around Tompkins Square Park. (Graffti Church does Free Lunch in the Park [FLIP] nearly every Saturday.) By the time we were done with that, the clinic was about ready to begin. And rest assured, we took every opportunity to pet some truly spectacular pups.

In total, 42 pets, and several of their owners, received needed healthcare.

Check out Stephanie Augello’s Facebook album for more great photos from the day.

(Top photo also by Stephanie Augello.)

June 30: Skate It Out!

It feels like it’s been raining for a year. Maybe you’re starting to feel as soggy and gloomy as the weather. But SRD is here for you! Come skate out those rainy day blues on Sunday, June 30th! All levels of experience are welcome.


June’s Member of the Month: Tricky Dick!

June’s Member of the Month is bench manager Tricky Dick, and this one is a little bittersweet. After nearly ten years with SRD, Tricky is retiring. If you’ve been to one of our bouts, you’ve probably seen Tricky managing the team in his trademark mermaid-scale leggings. And if you’ve ever been a member of Suburbia, you already know what his closing words of wisdom are going to be. Get to know Tricky a little better below:


May’s Member of the Month: Cinderhella!

May’s Member of the Month has been around nearly from the beginning. She’s one of the unsung heroes of roller derby. Skaters are great and all, but no league could function without our behind-the-scenes crew. We’re proud to introduce our unofficial league mom, volunteer extraordinaire, and part-time superhero: Cinderhella!


May 18: Skate It Out!

“As full of spirit as the month of May, and as gorgeous as the sun in Midsummer.” Shakespeare was talking about Henry IV, but we’re talking about you… when you come Skate It Out on May 18th! All levels of experience are welcome.


April’s Member of the Month: Piña Collider!

This month, we pay tribute to Piña Collider, who is the Backyard Bullies’ co-captain and is one of Suburban Brawl’s top jammers, so you know she has excellent footwork. She’s also responsible for our art, so you’ve probably seen her excellent handiwork, too! Learn more about her below:


February’s Member of the Month: Pummel Entendre!

February’s Member of the Month is a wall unto herself–a powerful blocker able to stop a jammer without giving an inch, or blast an opposing blocker out of the way, all with a smile on her face. She’s also serving on our 2019 Board of Directors as our Event Coordinator. Say hello to Pummel Entendre!


January’s Member of the Month: AldanaMite!

January’s Member of the Month is our tiny but mighty Argentinian powerhouse: AldanaMite! Mite is a key member of Suburban Brawl, blocking people twice her size and occasionally jamming. She’s also Brawl’s co-MVP for 2018 and was the MVP for 2017. Is a three-peat in the cards for 2019? Learn more about her below!