Smashing Pumpkin Is June’s Member of the Month!

This year’s member of the month is Smashing Pumpkin. If you know anything about Suburbia Roller Derby, then you know Smashing Pumpkin! She has been with SRD since the beginning — June is her tenth derbyversary — and she has basically done everything in and for the league. Learn more about her below!


Skate It Out! On May 20!

Suburbia is hosting its next Skate It Out! on May 20.

If you’ve ever wanted to give roller derby a try or if you’re an experienced skater looking for some track time, this is the place to be! We’ll go over fundamental skills and try them out on the track.


Skate Outside!!

After a long winter, Suburbia skaters are hitting their favorite trails for some outdoor skating! From open-air rinks to beautiful bikeways, the greater New York City area and Westchester County are rich with opportunities to skate in the sun. We’ve picked some of our members’ favorite routes to showcase the range of opportunities available for every skater, from pros to newbies! Check out the list below:


Philbotomy Is May’s Member of the Month!

Philbotomy is Suburbia Roller Derby’s Head Referee, but he doesn’t just help us learn (and follow!) the rules; you may see him officiating a bout near you, because Phil helps out other leagues, too. Not only does he put in a ton of time for the league on and off skates, but sometimes he also brings us homemade breads and pastries. Learn more about Philbotomy below: