Sam Handwich Is July’s Member of the Month!

If you’ve ever been to one of our home bouts, then you must know Sam Handwich. Our announcer has been with us since the beginning (10 years this month!). That’s a lot of announcing, so Sam definitely deserves to be recognized as our member of the month. Learn more about him below!

Who are you?
Dr. Samuel J. Handwich, Esq. III
Sam Handwich
Known in smaller, less important circles as Jimmy McDonald

How did you find SRD?
My sister (Taryn Limbs of CTRG) was a Country Clubber when the league was founded.

What made you start announcing for SRD?
Taryn Limbs told me that SRD was looking for announcers. I couldn’t get to the audition fast enough.

Why have you stayed with SRD so long?
It’s a great organization comprised of amazing people from all walks of life… the diversity of fun and vibrant personalities is exciting to be around, and I have garnered many lifelong friends, and even a wife and two beautiful children out of my tenure with the league. Plus, roller derby is super dope.

What’s your proudest derby-related moment?
Either marrying the derby girl of my dreams (AWOL- former member of the Suburban Brawl & Indian Point Sirens) and having two derby kids… or the “Flying 69” with my old announcing partner, Stu L’Sample. If you don’t know what that is, may god have mercy on your dark, broken soul.

What do you do outside of derby?
I’m a stand up comedian all over New York. Also a pretty mean baker. I mean… I DON’T DO ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF ROLLER DERBY!!!!