Mia Morales Is February’s Member of the Month!

This month’s featured skater, Mia Morales, was voted the skater to watch out for in 2017 at our year-end party. She also happens to be our Vice President!

We can’t keep our eyes off of her. You shouldn’t either!

Who are you?
Mia Morales

How long have you been playing roller derby?
I started teaching myself how to skate in 2012, but I’ve playing roller derby for about 2 years.

When did you join SRD?
February 2016

Why did you start playing roller derby?
I saw the movie Whip It and thought it was pretty cool, so I decided to see it live. I went to a Windy City Rollers bout and vividly remember sitting in the seats and asking myself, “Why am I not playing this sport right now?” I bought my first pair of skates with my next paycheck.

Why do you keep playing roller derby?
The community. It’s fun. It takes an awful day and makes it significantly better. There are a lot of reasons.

What’s your proudest derby moment?
We were playing a bout, and it was ROUGH. I was completely exhausted. I was jamming, and it was the last jam, and it ended up going for the full two minutes (ugh). There were about 10 seconds left, and I had exited the pack on a scoring pass. I looked to my bench coach (Tricky Dick), and he yelled “keep going,” and I gave literally every ounce of remaining energy I had left and scored one more additional point. It was insignificant to the overall score, but super significant to my derby soul.

What do you do outside of derby?
I’m a high school math teacher.

What are you hoping to do in 2017?
Derby – Be a more effective jammer. Improve my endurance, speed, and strength to get through the pack and keep going.

Personal – Law school