May’s Member of the Month: Cinderhella!

May’s Member of the Month has been around nearly from the beginning. She’s one of the unsung heroes of roller derby. Skaters are great and all, but no league could function without our behind-the-scenes crew. We’re proud to introduce our unofficial league mom, volunteer extraordinaire, and part-time superhero: Cinderhella!

Who are you?
Eileen Ford, aka Cinderhella.

How long have you been involved with roller derby?
I initially came to the final SRD bout in the first season with Death Doll (my daughter, who later became [home team Indian Point] Sirens mascot) and the team was looking for volunteers, so I was on door check-in.

Why did you get involved with roller derby?
I missed being a part of something and the initial SRD team was so welcoming, it was like an extended family! I missed my skate guard days and pre-mom body.

What keeps you involved with roller derby?
SRD is an extended family. Everyone is accepted, good or bad.

What do you do outside of derby?
Other than being a single mom, I’m in Human Resources and marketing for a paint company.