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Remembering Mz. Aftermath

Suburbia Roller Derby was shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of our alumna skater Amber Muller, aka Mz. Aftermath #3.14.

Mz. began her derby career in 2011. She became a valued member of the Backyard Bullies and Botoxic Avengers, skating with both teams into the 2013 season when she broke her ankle, requiring surgery, hardware, and lots of physical therapy. Mz. worked tirelessly to get back on skates and rejoin her teams in time for the 2014 season. She was a feared blocker and donned the star when needed. This versatility led her to join the Suburban Brawl for the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

Mz. was a positive and supportive teammate on and off the track. She never missed an opportunity to give a team member or league mate kudos and high fives. She was particularly welcoming to incoming skaters and was always part of the big sibling program, which paired veteran skaters with fresh meat to acclimate them to the league and the sport. She enjoyed sharing her derby, injury, and life advice and was always there to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on.

She also worked hard behind the scenes to help keep the league running. She assisted on the finance committee, sponsorship committee, grievance panel, and served on the board of directors as the PR/Marketing head. She was always the first to sign up for our annual blood drives and talked up SRD at every opportunity.

She managed to accomplish all this while being a high school math teacher and taking care of the loves of her life, her two dogs, Mia and Milo. She retired at the end of the 2017 season but stopped by to skate or cheer at bouts when she could.

What we will most remember about Mz. is her big personality. She liked to joke that she had “no filter” but that honesty and sincerity made you feel instantly at home with her. You couldn’t help but laugh at her antics and her quirky personality. Whether she was cracking us all up at late night practices, wearing a giant poop emoji hat for our entire away bout weekend, or putting Mia in a turkey tutu for the annual Thanksgiving Day parade, she could melt the hardest heart.

The loss of Mz. Aftermath leaves a big hole in our SRD family. If she were here she would tell all us “humans” to remember all the good times we had together. She is probably up to all of her “shenanigans” in the great beyond and hopefully skating it out.

Mz. Aftermath, you were one of a kind.

Read more about Mz. in her (incredible) non-derby life here.

October 11: Skate It Out! On a Friday!

It’s our first Friday night Skate It Out! Can’t make it on a Sunday morning? This month’s skate is for you! Bring a friend. Make it a date. Come by yourself, like the independent person you are. Celebrate the weekend on eight wheels. All levels of experience are welcome.


All Dogs Go to… the Vet

Photo by Liz Beeson (@lizbson on Instagram)

On June 15, a group of league members left the cozy confines of Westchester to spend the day down at Graffiti Church on the Lower East Side of NYC.

June 30: Skate It Out!

It feels like it’s been raining for a year. Maybe you’re starting to feel as soggy and gloomy as the weather. But SRD is here for you! Come skate out those rainy day blues on Sunday, June 30th! All levels of experience are welcome.



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