Skate It Out! On May 20!

Suburbia is hosting its next Skate It Out! on May 20.

If you’ve ever wanted to give roller derby a try or if you’re an experienced skater looking for some track time, this is the place to be! We’ll go over fundamental skills and try them out on the track.

This will be done as a group, with individual skaters available to help those at different levels.

Cost is $10 per session.

What Do I Bring With Me: Helmet, mouth guard, elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, and SKATES! If you need to borrow some gear just let us know in advance and we can work it all out for you. You will need to bring your own mouth guard.

Ages 18 and over only.

If you have any questions or need to obtain loaner gear please email

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