PartyGirl Accelerator Is September’s Member of the Month!

Getting ready for back to school? So is our September Member of the Month: PartyGirl Accelerator!

Do not let the first name fool you, this amazingly bright woman is very involved and committed to Suburbia. She is currently serving her first term on the Board of Directors as Treasurer. When she isn’t doing an amazing job teaching the future leaders of America about science and math, you can find PartyGirl at the PAL helping to finesse our Fresh Meat and making use of her physics degree.

PartyGirl was nominated for Skater of the Month by a peer, citing, “PartyGirl loves derby. At practices she tries to help players improve, understanding that everyone is at different levels… Her family is involved in derby. She brings her daughter, Chloe, to events. PartyGirl attends derby conventions and still maintains her close ties with her old league [State College Roller Derby, which she helped found]. She has also used her love and knowledge of derby to MC various bouts.”

What can we say? We are so proud to have PartyGirl on the track with us. If you want to join her tryouts are on September 26th & 28th. Do you just wanna watch? That’s okay! Come watch her play on October 8th! Do not forget to do your homework and come to the after party. PGA will definitely be there to teach you how she obtained the first part of her derby name!

Keep it up, PartyGirl! We are very grateful for your service and love to see that smile on the track!